Thinking Out of the Box!

Guest post by Nandish Kenia, WB SAES Youth Delegate from India

What different is East Asia doing that their economy is growing so rapidly and South Asia fails to grow yet again! From one of the very interesting discussions, Dev Nathan mentioned that duplicating the East Asian model is not the solution to the deprived South Asian economy. If we try to make cheaper products than the Chinese then there will be no difference, there will be no growth. What South Asia needs to do is start thinking out of the box, be more creative and design and innovate products that the Chinese yet haven’t done! Like promote smart phones which are cheaper than i-phones and blackberry’s. These smart phones will have a larger base and more users will benefit.

For people who want to start producing and manufacturing in South Asian countries it’s a herculean task. For eg: if someone want to open a factory, first he needs to visits various tax departments (sales, excise, customs, imports, etc) and wonder which taxes apply to him. After taxation he has to wonder which licenses he has to take to start the factory. And then if one has any energy left he has to face the goons in that area. Whereas in China, there is a one stop station! If you want to start something, all you have to do is go and enquire and the person will give you all the details. The government makes the process smooth and hassle free.

Only if the government makes the process easy, there will be spurt in innovation.