Growing Green: Can Private Sector Bring the Change?

Guest Post by Nandish Kenia, WB SAES Youth Delegate from  India

Nandish Kenia, a youth delegate at the 6th SAES

Nandish Kenia, youth delegate at the 6th SAES

The ‘green change’ has been much talked about since decades and very little has been done. Is it time for the private organisations to participate and help to bring out the change. Yes, says Sanith de S Wijeyeratne of Carbon Consulting Company in Sri Lanka, who spoke during a parallel session of the summit on ‘Growing Green’. He says that private organisations can intervene and can bring about a change more productively. They can give incentives to the farmers, they can sell the output more productively and the change could be more rapid. However, no doubt the farmers are getting an added incentive and it is taking care of their daily household requirements, but are they really getting what they ought to get? Is it solving the real long term problem?

One of the arguments that persists is that why is it wrong to trade if the farmer is getting a huge lump sum of money for his small piece of land by an industrialist? Is he responsible for moving away from green revolution?

Also, one of the solution for the green revolution to continue is that, the government policies should be revised and should make import duty on hybrid cars cheaper. This will give an incentive to people to use more environment friendly cars. Many such policies could be modified in order for the sales of environment friendly commodities to scale up.

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