Googled out!

I must say, it is truly fascinating this afternoon as we see Ann Lavin, Director, Google, Asia Pacific speak about their work and ties it with innovation and entrepreneurship. We all know google, through our gmails, through google search, through our smart phones and in every little way possible in our lives. But, what does google really do? How is it connected to economics? How does it play a role in entrepreneurship which characterizes South Asia.

Google’s business model is a fascinating one, they make all their money not from the services they provide chiefly, but majority of their income comes from advertisements. Their advertising programs, which range from simple text ads to rich media ads, help businesses find customers, and help publishers make money off of their content. They also have interesting cloud computing tools for businesses that save money and help organizations be more productive.

In terms igniting entrepreneurship and innovations, bringing forth business solutions, google provides a variety of tools to help businesses of all kinds succeed on and off the web. These programs form the backbone of google’s own business even though we are clearly not very aware of this; they’ve also enabled entrepreneurs and publishers around the world to grow theirs.

Within South Asia, google has done some interesting SME solutions work in India. Well, time to get connected, time to be innovative since there is no alternative to this for making it out there. Maybe a start would to start “googling” and find out about google and SME work!