The ‘Big Four’ Themes

This year’s SAES will centre around discussion of four key issues concerning growth in South Asian economies, namely, making maximum use of the region’s human capital resources by creating productive employment for a growing labour force; adapting to the vagaries of climate change and its socioeconomic consequences; addressing intra-country growth disparities; and ensuring the continued competitiveness of private enterprise in both domestic and external markets. We are calling these ‘The Big Four’. Each of ‘The Big Four’ will be debated in high-level individual plenary sessions, after which a sub-set of themes will form the basis of parallel session discussions at the Summit. These four broad themes have been selected on the basis of their relevance to growth concerns in South Asian economies. While certainly not an exhaustive list, they are, nevertheless, issues which have either been discussed insufficiently at previous Summits (such as the importance of private-sector development), or which seek to offer  fresh perspective on familiar subjects (such as climate change).

The ‘Big Four’ themes are:

  • Harnessing Human Capital Potential
  • Managing Water Resources, Food Security and Climate Change
  • Addressing Intra-Country Growth Disparities
  • Building Competitiveness of the Private Sector